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Drawing with Paint

Painting requires a level of patience I am not sure I embody. To paint with some degree of realism, you really first and foremost need to be able to mix paint. Mixing paint to the right consistency and color, sometimes takes up more time than actually putting paint on a canvas, I feel.

I saw some acrylic markers from Liquitex in the shop last year, and tried them out. They had some great promotional videos out also:

And I was like, wow. That’s awesome. These people look like they are having fun and know what they are doing with these. When trying the Liquitex markers out myself, they were however not precise enough for my use, as I sometimes paint on smaller canvases. Then I came across the Molotov Empty Markers. They have this complete system, with everything you need, and the markers are easy to refill:


So, the solution I came up with was buying Liquitex Acrylic ink, and filling up some Molotov Empty Markers with it. So worth it.Works like a charm.

Original painting by Isamolle - Using Molotow empty markers filled with Liquitex ink.

PS: You totally need to get the refill extension:

Love, Vilde Isabelle

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