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My Sister Does my Makeup; Party Style!

I've created a video with where my beautiful sister Oda does my makeup.

How will this turn out?

She has darker colors than I do, so will she complete this challenge with me looking like myself at the end?

My sister Oda used my Naked Palette, tapered brush for the eyebrows, the naked palette and some water in an eggcup coupled with an angled brush for eyeliner, mascara and a lip liner/gloss combo. I also used some eyelash curlers to curl my lashes. It is much safer to curl your lashes yourself!

I am using a raw comp from Vilde Isabelle's work-in-progress songs as a background track. Was originally going to use one of the YouTube standard tracks, but they would not load today... :-) So rock hard people!

Thanks Oda, for doing my makeup! Thanks to Vilde Isabelle for having random unfinished music stashed on the computer. Maybe we should always use music we've written ourself for YouTube?

xoxo, Madeleine

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