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My Super Healthy Breakfast

In this week’s video and blog post, I am going to show you the breakfast I eat every day. My breakfast include:

Sesame seeds

Sunflower seeds


Popped Quinoa

Oranges, diced

Pineapple, diced

Apples, diced


To make this super gluten free if you'd rather avoid those oats – I’d recommend boiled buckwheat which is also super tasty and nutritious. You can get completely dried buckwheat in your local Russian delicacy section at the supermarket, in the spices shelf, or with the grains. It depends on what country you are in! Buckwheat are even good for your cardiovascular system. My sister Aurora likes buckwheat the best, if there is not any buckwheat left, she strongly questions their absence. She's like: "Where IS my buckwheats???!"

Seeds are great for your skin as they contain zinc in abundance! Yay for zinc! I also drink one glass of water; take some Omega-3 oil and Vitamin D with this meal. If you don’t do fish oil, add flax seeds or chia seeds for Omega 3 to the bowl. And go outside for the vitamin D? J

Filmed on location in Sauda. The music used in this film is Bright Future by Silent Partner. Not our own music for this video…

xoxo, Madeleine

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Have a good day!