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Wreath Braid: How to

Learn how to make a half spiral wreath braid in this weeks video. This hairstyle is perfect for traditional dress, big dresses or running around being active. If you have long and heavy hair and want the feeling of having shorter hair then this hairstyle can make your hair temporarily feel lighter to carry.

This braid should be a medium difficulty to braid on someone else, and slightly harder to braid on yourself because you have to keep your arms up for a while. If you braid it on yourself you should take care to braid it slightly tighter than necessary in the start of the braid, to avoid ending up with a big poofy braid falling apart on you...

If you end up with any bumps in the braid or your hair that bother you, go ahead and fix it with some bobby pins. If you are running late, there is no need for your braid to be perfect, it just needs to look somewhat presentable and feel good to wear...

This hairstyle has the additional benefit of making you look somewhat like a cast member of Frozen or the Vikings...

Cheers, Isabelle

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