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Youth Culture Award STRAND 2017

Hi guys, Oda Linnea from Isamolle received the Youth Culture Award for Strand 2017.

This is a totally Norwegian clip, since it is a local thing... But if you watch on YouTube, there are captions in English.

---- Awarding Body, Youth Council Strand: Ida Bø Norland, JUS

Anne L. Bratthammer, SVS

Ida Ødegård, SVS

Kadir Hassan Abanasha, JUS

Selma Skogerbø Sørhaug, TUS

Amilla Agovic, TUS

Deputy members: Josef Årvik, SVS

Jørgen Ravnås Mathisen, SVS

Emma Barkved, JUS

Ida Sofie Hamre Asheim, JUS

Sander Lid Fiskå, TUS

Tuva Marvik, TUS

We filmed this at Highlights of Strand 2017, you can watch the entire show here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2J1XaOJQPk&list=PLKGQNeGX62GqlYR1vSmN45Clt2Em6_bIX

xoxo, Isabelle

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