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Green Milkshake: SUPER DELICIOUS!

Hi, today I'm making a green smoothie. I also made a song for this, which you can hear in the background.

You will need:


The valor not to eat before everything is finished.

A good heart.

Green thumbs.

No, kidding. What you really need is:

Chocolate, whatever you have laying around that you like

Pistachious, Pistashies, pistaslows, or PISTACHIOS

If you don't like those I guess you can substitute with Green Cale?

Pistachio Ice Cream. If you don't like that, you can substitute it with mint ice cream.

Whipping Cream of some sort.

Sugar, or Agave nectar or similar.

Vanilla, the real stuff that is black, not the fake stuff that is white and mixed with sugar.

Milk, cow, rice, almond, whatever you like.

Straws, unless you want cream on your nose.

:-) Love, Isabelle

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