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DIY Golden Striped Wall

DIY: Home Decor - Golden Striped Wall. For me the Sanderson Striped wallpaper is the height of style. I wanted to find out how to go about creating something similar with just paint.

Image above: Here is what I created. A perfect golden striped wall.

Image above: Added some rose gold and gold accessories to accentuate the wall.

You will need:

A cross line level


Masking Tape




Stool to stand on




1. Plaster wall if needed.

2. Paint wall with background color 1-3 strokes, depending on paint.

3. Using laser leveler and masking tape, mask off stripes.

4. Paint a ground color using grey or purple for silver stripes, brown or green for golden stripes.

5. Paint metallic layer, 1-2 layers. Can go over straight away and paint both layers without waiting for paint to dry completely. 6. While metallic paint is still wet, slowly peel off masking tape. Roll carefully so you don't smear the paint on yourself or the wall. 7. Enjoy your result.

Image above: I used Beckers decor Guld Halvblank paint. It is a semi matt golden paint. Use whatever color you want, basically.

If using metallic colors, paint one or two layers with a cheaper background color underneath, to get a better result with less of the more expensive metallic type paint on top.

An important ingredient here is a laser leveler, as it makes it easier to get a perfect result. It is possible without, but more time consuming.

Laser leveler in action.

Be extra careful when taking off the masking tape!

Watch the video above for full instructions.

Love, Vilde Isabelle

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